26 Oct 2007

Solomon Islands says review of act which RAMSI operates will strengthen partnership

10:59 am on 26 October 2007

The Solomon Islands Government says its review of the Facilitation of the International Assistance Act under which the Regional Assistance Mission operates, will strengthen its partnership with the mission.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Patterson Oti, made the statement following recent strong criticism of RAMSI by members of the government.

But Mr Oti says the government's plan to review the FIA Act is aimed at improving relations between the two parties and correct some discrepancies.

The Minister says some privileges enjoyed by RAMSI officials are equal to diplomatic privileges given to foreign diplomats.

He says this is an example of two laws at work, one for Solomon Islanders and the other for RAMSI.

Earlier this month a review of RAMSI conducted by the Pacific Islands Forum called for improved communication and for the mission to work more collaboratively with the Solomons' Government.