29 Oct 2007

More community involvement called as American Samoa prepare to host Arts Festival

4:10 pm on 29 October 2007

The board in charge of preparations for next year's Pacific Arts Festival in American Samoa wants the community to become involved in hosting the major regional event.

The co-chair of the board, Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde, says the festival is the territory's festival, not the board's or the governor's.

He says the public is being asked to assist in various ways such as donating pillows.

"And also it has been decided by the committee pretty much that we are going to stay as local as possible when it comes to purchasing whatever is needed for the festival, and this will help stimulate our economy and help the business."

He says the more than 2,000 participants will be staying at local high schools.

Fagafaga says they are also looking at local homestay programmes for people wanting to visit the festival.