30 Oct 2007

Tonga Government plans much bigger CBD in rebuild of Nuku'alofa

3:06 pm on 30 October 2007

The Tongan Government is planning to create significantly more space for business operators in the rebuilding of Nuku'alofa.

Most of the available floorspace in the capital's CBD was destroyed in riots in November last year.

While rebuilding is yet to begin the Government has revealed that it intends providing up to 60 percent more floorspace - for a total of around 40,000 square metres.

Cabinet Minister, Paul Karalus, says business people whose buildings were destroyed have already committed to take 28,000 square metres and the government feels certain the remaining space will be snapped up.

"The buildings that would replace those that were there, would be ones we would hope of two to three storeys. The landowners would be able to rent or lease those out, or, if they were not able to do that themselves, we by setting up a city corporation, we would assist those landowners by carrying the risk of that loan that they would take on, and also then too by renting out that space."

Tonga's Transport Minister, Paul Karalus.