1 Nov 2007

Solomon Islands women's organisation upset by Governor General

10:54 am on 1 November 2007

The National Council of Women, or NCW, in Solomon Islands is condemning the Governor General for trying to silence its general secretary.

The governor general has summoned the general secretary of the NCW, Ella Kauhue, to his office to talk to her about a newspaper article she wrote that was critical about the government's plans to review the Regional Assistance Mission, or RAMSI.

NCW's president, Hilda Kari, says the governor called Ms Kauhue and ordered her to come to his office, without telling her what he wanted to talk to her about.

Ms Kari says Ms Kauhue felt threatened.

"She did feel intimidated. She was traumatised. In fact she was shaking when she had to take a taxi up there. Yes, she felt intimidated, because she was alone, she had to go up there by herself and face his excellency plus others."

Hilda Kari fears that other women might be too frightened now to speak their minds.