1 Nov 2007

Fiji census shows significant population changes

11:01 am on 1 November 2007

Provisional figures from the recent Fiji census show that population changes will have a significant effect on the March 2009 general election.

Figures released by the Bureau of Statistics show that Fiji's population stood at 828-thousand in September this year, up by 53-thousand from the previous census in 1996.

The most significant demographic change has been a dramatic increase in the population of indigenous Fijians whose numbers have increased by over 80-thousand to 474-thousand.

At the same time, there has been a sharp decrease in the population of ethnic Indians whose numbers have fallen by over 27-thousand to 312-thousand.

Fiji's urban population has also increased by nearly 62-thousand of whom almost 50-thousand are indigenous Fijians.

The figures are expected to result in major changes to constituency boundaries and the distribution of electoral seats before the next general elections.