3 Nov 2007

Solomons PM considering defamation case against head of Transparency International

9:13 am on 3 November 2007

The Solomon Islands Police Force is investigating claims by the current Prime Minister Mannaseh Sogavare that the head of the local chapter of Transparency International made defamatory statements against him in the media.

Media organisations in Honiara who carried the interviews by Transparency head Joses Tuhanuku have been asked to hand over footage or transcripts of the interviews to the police.

Mr Sogavare has issued a statement in the local media saying he was considering sueing Tuhanuku for statements he made under oath before the Commission of Inquiry into the April 18th riots in Honiara.

However Mr Tuhanuku has replied saying Prime Minister Sogavare should

concentrate on his job and not issue threats when he is criticised.

Mr Tuhanuku says he holds public office therefore he should accept public opinion.