6 Nov 2007

Solomons police interested in dealing with RAMSI's Tongan soldiers' alleged brawl

4:18 pm on 6 November 2007

The Solomon Islands police commander says while the Tongan soldiers allegedly involved in a brawl with locals on Malaita cannot be prosecuted under Solomons law, he still wants a say in how the matter is resolved.

The Tongans allegedly became involved in an altercation with youths drunk on homebrew two weeks ago.

There are unconfirmed reports some of the youths were injured.

The Police Commissioner, Jahir Khan, says while the Tongans are outside his jurisdiction, he still wants some input once he has received reports from both his own officers and from RAMSI.

"So once I am in possession of the two reports then I will be meeting the co-ordinator for the RAMSI, that is Tim George, and then we will be discussing as to the further action that needs to be taken."

The Solomon Islands Government which is to review the Facilitation Act under which RAMSI operates, wants the immunity provision removed.