6 Nov 2007

Niue considers privatising Telecom in face of network woes

4:22 pm on 6 November 2007

The Premier of Niue Young Vivian says the island could privatise Telecom Niue as the Government works through options for repairing a system that frequently fails.

Phone users often find the connections going dead - sometimes dozens of times in a single call.

Young Vivian says the problem has to be resolved before the Pacific Islands Forum summit in ten months.

He says it will cost millions of dollars to repair and the first option is to discuss this with its main aid donor, New Zealand.

But Mr Vivian says Niue already has a team working looking for the best options.

"What are the things that we need to do? Who are we going to make choices about and so on? And who is going to own it and whether it is a joint venture or full ownership by certain people or certain companies? All those things have to be considered."

Young Vivian