7 Nov 2007

Planning on track in American Samoa for Pacific Arts Festival

8:50 pm on 7 November 2007

Two officials of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community have been briefed on preparations for the Pacific Arts Festival to be hosted by American Samoa next year.

Linda Petersen and Rosita Hoffman of the Pacific community's Human development Program met with Governor Togiola and the Arts Festival Board.

Their visit included venue and accommodation inspections.

Ms Petersen says she is pleased with the planning thus far.

"It's very clear that venues for all of the activities as well as accomodating the festival participants have all been sorted out. I think the important thing that came across is the information from the delegations that have confirmed in order that the organising committee can get down to the detail, if you like, of preparation."

The Pacific Community has offered to help with copyright and fundraising with organisations that American Samoa normally does not qualify to receive funding form because of its status as a US territory.