7 Nov 2007

PNG police launch campaign to restore law and order on capital streets

8:49 pm on 7 November 2007

Police in the Papua New Guinea capital, Port Moresby, have launched a campaign to restore law and order to the city's streets.

In launching Operation Stretim Sindaun the national police commander, Commissioner Gari Baki, says the crime in the city is obvious.

He says daylight rapes and other violent assaults are happening with increasing frequency, while drunkeness, urinating in public, and serious traffic offences are common.

Commissioner Baki says the aim is to get officers to focus on the basic issues and get back onto the streets.

He says more staff will be assigned to Port Moresby.

"Getting back on foot patrols, they are targetting bus stops and market places, and all those places. What the idea is, is to concentrate a large number of police personnel on the streets, so there is visibility of police on the streets in Port Moresby."