8 Nov 2007

Cook Islands Investment Corporation CEO says funding is needed to fix the problem

10:51 am on 8 November 2007

The CEO of the Cook Islands Investment Corporation John Tini, says it's unfair to lay all the blame on his department over an overflowing smelly sewage treatment plant in Nikao on the main island of Rarotonga.

Mr Tini's comments come after two Cook Islands Party Opposition Party members the deputy Teina Bishop and Atiu MP Nandi Glassie threatened to take legal action if the ongoing problem in Nikao was not fixed.

They've blamed CIIC for not doing anything, but Mr Tini says that's not correct..

"CIIC has gone to government in the last two years asking for a budget to fix the enviro flow there, and government didn't think it was a priority at the time, unless we get funding up to a million dollars (nz) to fix the problem then we can do something about, we have written proposals on the best to solve the issue."

The government has recently approved a more than nine million dollar budget to upgrade the Tereora Stadium adjacent to the problem area for the 2009 mini games.