8 Nov 2007

Free education for all children in Solomons Islands is unrealistic, says principal

2:43 pm on 8 November 2007

The Principal of a Solomon Islands High School says the promise of free education for all children is unrealistic.

Samson Faisi says he does not think that this goal will be achieved under the present government or future governments.

Solomon Islands made the commitment to free education when it joined 164 nations at an International Conference in 2000 pledging to provide all children with access to free and compulsory education of good quality.

Mr Faisi says Solomon Islands has a high birthrate and its population is doubling every 20 to 25 years.

"If I only have to depend on the school grants, then it means, that most schools in the Solomon, if we do not charge school fees, that there will be no infrastructure development that we would like to have."

Samson Faisi, the principal of Mbua Valley Community High School