9 Nov 2007

Special Commonwealth sitting to discuss Fiji

2:40 pm on 9 November 2007

Monday's special sitting of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action group, or CMAG, in London will discuss the situation in Fiji.

The meeting has been primarily called to discuss the current state of emergency in Pakistan.

Foreign ministers from Canada, Lesotho, Malaysia, Malta, Papua New Guinea, St Lucia, Sri Lanka, Britain and Tanzania are expected to attend.

The Commonwealth secretary general Don McKinnon has confirmed Fiji will be on the CMAG agenda.

"Although it wasn't expected to be. The fact that I was with Commodore Bainimarama not just a few weeks ago, I will be able to give them an update on various conversations I had at the Pacific Summit in Tonga. Whether they take any action from that, well that's yet to be seen."

Don McKinnon