12 Nov 2007

Dispute in Samoa over land for new township

12:17 pm on 12 November 2007

The site for a new township planned in Samoa is the land at the centre of a dispute between the village of Satapuala and the Samoan government .

The head of the Samoa Trust Estates Corporation, Fonoiava Sealiitu Sesega, told the Samoa Observer the new town will be built opposite Faleolo Airport and will run down to Mulifanua Wharf.

Cabinet approved the township proposal last year.

Fonoiava says 60 leases have already been allocated and lease agreements were signed in September.

Satupuala villagers moved on the land three weeks ago claiming that it belongs


The leases are for business establishments only.

Fonoiava said that those with approved leases have paid their money but now cannot start building their premises, because of the Satapuala occupation.