13 Nov 2007

Tongans to be helped to manage mosquito problems

3:47 pm on 13 November 2007

Tonga's government and schools are to be briefed on how to better manage its mosquito problems.

The EcoCare Pacific Trust and the University of Canterbury conducted a study of invasive mosquitos and mosquito borne diseases throughout Tonga last year.

A member of the Trust, Russell Taylor, says the study found mosquito species in Tonga have the capacity to transmit almost all dangerous diseases.

He's in Tonga to educate communities on how to minimise the impact or possibility of mosquito borne diseases.

"with car tyres, put holes in them or move them or pick up plastic bags, put mesh over 44 gallon drums that are used for irrigation and generally clean up and put holes in old water tanks that are not being used any longer so that they can't exist as substrate for mosquito breeding - are some of the simplest ways of dealing with the problem."

A member of the EcoCare Pacific Trust, Russell Taylor.