13 Nov 2007

Samoan police move to settle land dispute

3:40 pm on 13 November 2007

The police in Samoa have moved to secure part of the government land under the Samoa Trust Estates Corporation or recently occupied and cultivated by the village of Satapuala west of Apia.

The assistant police commissioner and spokesman, Papalii Li'o, says about 20 officers have moved into the land as of yesterday and they start charging people found on the land.

This comes after the police commissioner, Papalii Lorenese Neru, and other senior officers met the church ministers of Satapuala to discuss a possible breakthrough to end the illegal occupation of government land by the villagers.

The spokesman says police are there to make sure law and order should be upheld by the village and for the security of government properties.

Meanwhile, the high ranking chief or village Sa'o, To'alepaialii and several village matais met their lawyer today.