21 Nov 2007

Oro Provincial government in PNG says victims of flooding in critical need of help

12:34 pm on 21 November 2007

The provincial government of Oro in Papua New Guinea says victims of flooding remain in critical need of basic relief supplies.

The PNG government has declared a state of emergency in the province where floods washed away hundreds of homes, roads, bridges following days of heavy rain associated with tropical cyclone Guba.

The bulk of the province's two hundred thousand people have suffered in the flooding.

Government authorities have confirmed at least 80 people have died but that dozens more are missing.

A spokesman for the Oro Governor, David Terry, says they need all available manpower and resources from national government and outside assistance for relief efforts.

But he says bad weather has been hampering efforts by government aircraft to get in over the Owen Stanley ranges with supplies.

"A lot of people are homeless, there is urgent need for massive food supplies, medicine and water for the people affected by the flood. We need of all available resources and man power and helicopters we can get in the Oro Province we will be able to at least some more figures or accurate figures on the number of causalities."