21 Nov 2007

Trucks help address fuel and water shortage for PNG's Oro province

9:25 pm on 21 November 2007

An Australian businessman in Papua New Guinea's flood-ravaged Oro Province has warned of a soaring death toll unless relief supplies reach villagers soon.

Dale McCarthy says people are living on their canoes in floating villages after their houses were washed away in rising floodwaters.

Mr McCarthy has a a trucking company in Oro and is providing his vehicles so quick repairs can be made to the road.

He says there's a big focus on bringing in water and fuel supplies.

"The road out of town here which normally isn't used much, it's just a road that goes down to the beach. They've got a barge coming from Rabaul with about 140-thousand litres on it and they're going to pump it off the barge onto... I've got a couple of fuel trucks here and we'll be able to deliver fuel into town but we don;t know when that barge is going to get here."

Dale McCarthy