22 Nov 2007

Rebel MPs in Nauru claim to be building support for no confidence vote

4:02 pm on 22 November 2007

The break away group of Nauru MPs say it is pressuring the Nauru president, Ludwig Scotty, to recall parliament to deal with a raft of serious misconduct allegations against Finance and Foreign Minister, David Adeang.

Three ministers two weeks ago resigned their portfolios, and, supported by a number of backbenchers, brought the allegations before the parliament, demanding the president deal with them or face a motion of no confidence.

In a media release the group says the recent sitting was abandoned after the Speaker lost control of the parliament and walked out.

The move meant a no confidence vote could not be brought.

The rebels allege Mr Adeang is linked with Asian businessmen in Thailand involved in the sale and distribution of Nauruan passports.

The MPs say Mr Adeang had received gifts, travel funding and other benefits which he had failed to declare as required under the country's public accountability laws.

Backbencher Mathew Batsuia, one of the supporters of the break away group says backing for their actions had been growing rapidly among other MPs.