26 Nov 2007

Pressure continues on Nauru's Finance and Foreign Minister

6:15 am on 26 November 2007

A breakaway group in the Nauru Government is maintaining its position over what it says are the Finance and Foreign Minister's links with Asian businessmen involved in corrupt activities.

The group wants the Minister, David Adeang, to stand down.

Mr Adeang has denied the claims, saying the eight MPs who broke away from the ruling administration are trying to discredit him in a grab for power.

But spokesman for the rebel MPs, Mathew Batsiua says they stand by claims.

He says Mr Adeang has to explain the lavish gifts he's allegedly been given by Asian men who are accused of being involved in illegally selling Nauruan passports and to whom he is said to have promised diplomatic posts.

"These allegations have to be answered properly And I think they will be compromised if he remains in Government. I don't think that the investigations into these allegations can be seriously pursued or can be independent, or truly independent if Minister Adeang remains in Government."

The breakaway group has a tabled a motion for a vote of no confidence in the Government and this has to be heard by Tuesday next week at the latest.