27 Nov 2007

US department of transportation fines Hawaiian Airlines

8:32 am on 27 November 2007

The United States Department of Transportation or DOT says it fined the carrier, Hawaiian Airlines 50,000 US dollars, for failing to comply with a federal regulation.

DOT's deputy general counsel, Rosalina Knapp, says last month's fine was due to the airline not providing on-time performance information to its customers for specific flights.

She says under federal regulation a carrier must disclose to a consumer during the course of a reservation inquiry and upon reasonable request, the on-time performance information for any flight which has been assigned an on-time performance code .

However, according to DOT, violations of Part 234 constitute unfair and deceptive trade practices and unfair methods of competition.

DOT's Enforcement Office conducted an investigation which revealed a violation by Hawaiian.

Hawaiian airlines says that any non-compliance with federal regulation was purely unintentional.