27 Nov 2007

Pacific leaders are being urged to stop supporting Japan's killing of whales

11:16 am on 27 November 2007

Pacific leaders are being urged to step up as a Japanese whaling fleet heads toward the region to kill a thousand whales.

The hunt is pitting neighbour against neighbour as the Pacific divides over its support for Japan.

Te Vaka band leader, Opetaia Foa'i, has released an anti-whaling song aimed at his mother country Tuvalu, which supports Japans whaling hunts.

Tuvalu's support, along with other Pacific countries who supports Japan's whaling, is at odds with neighbours such as Tonga and Niue who benefit economically from whale watching.

Three-quarters of Tonga's tourists go whale watching, and each humpback whale earns the kingdom the equivalent of one million US dollars in revenue.