28 Nov 2007

Trial underway New Caledonia into Japanese tourist killed more than five years ago

3:32 pm on 28 November 2007

The trial is underway in New Caledonia of two brothers accused of murdering a young Japanese tourist on the Isle of Pines more five years ago.

The burned and half-naked body of 28 year old Mika Kusama, was found in May 2002 on a rock next to a beach popular with Japanese tourists.

The young woman had been hit repeatedly with a rock and sustained multiple

fractures and bruises, and her body covered over with branches and stones.

The two local men, Antoine and Ambrose Kohnu, were taken in for questioning

a day after the discovery.

But the investigation took more than five years and the trial has already been delayed once, in 2005, due to deficiencies in the case.

Nearly 100 witnesses are expected to be called with the trial due to take 11 days.