29 Nov 2007

Niue's leader says hosting the Pacific summit is vital for the island's future

4:12 pm on 29 November 2007

Niue's premier says the forthcoming Pacific Islands Forum Leaders' Summit is crucial for the future of the country.

Planning is already underway for the August 2008 summit and a team of five New Zealanders and two forum members are in Niue assessing the situation there.

They are considering limiting the number of delegates attending the summit because of the shortage of accommodation in the country as well as asking locals to open up their homes to visitors.

Niue's premier, Young Vivian, says they are looking forward to hosting the summit which will be a momentous occasion for the country.

"Very, very important. Absolutely important. We want to tell the world that we are a viable, little nation now and forever more, and we want to prove that and we want to believe in it. We believe that we can make it as a nation for a long, long time to come."