30 Nov 2007

China calls for more understanding from Fiji's neighbours

10:54 am on 30 November 2007

China has called on Fiji's neighbours to display a more understanding and reasonable attitude towards the country.

The call has been made by the deputy director of China's ministry of foreign affairs, Deng Hongbo, in an interview with Fiji TV.

Mr Deng says there should be constructive engagement with Fiji by the outside world.

He says there should be no unilateral action taken against Fiji because it is not right and unhelpful.

Mr Deng adds that China is pleased with Fiji's plans to hold democratic elections and believes it will be achieved under the leadership of the present government.

Meanwhile, Australia's new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, has appointed Duncan Kerr as special parliamentary secretary to improve the country's strained relations with neighbouring Pacific island nations.