3 Dec 2007

Tuna Commission looking for commitment on several issues at Guam meeting

2:57 pm on 3 December 2007

The Western and Pacific Fisheries Commission is hoping agreement will be reached on various resolutions aimed at improving the conservation and management of tuna stocks in the region.

Thirty three countries have joined industry stakeholders in Guam for the week long meeting.

Several species such as Big Eye and Yellow Fin Tuna are considered by scientists to be overfished, and better surveillance of fishing practices is needed.

The executive director of the Commission, Andrew Wright says the agency is doing its best to address many ongoing concerns.

"For approaching 10 years now and still we're not managing effectively to cap effort to reduce the fishing mortality on juvenile, Yellow fin and Big Eye. So you'd like to see a little bit more progress in areas such as that. And ideally you would like to have in place a better framework to be able to monitor compliance of rules that have been established by the Commission."

Andrew Wright.

Other key talks include better regulatory systems, the proper documentation of vessels, satellite monitoring, transhipment, and a regional observer programme.

The meeting ends Friday.