3 Dec 2007

Another male MP in Papua New Guinea joins campaign to end domestic violence

4:16 pm on 3 December 2007

Papua New Guinea's Health Minister has spoken out against domestic violence, saying his district is adopting a zero-tolerance approach.

The issue of violence against women was recently raised in Parliament, following local newspaper, the Post Courier's campaign to highlight it.

While the sole female MP, Dame Carol Kidu, has been a strong advocate for a tougher approach, male politicians have mostly been quiet.

But now Sasa Zibe says he's providing up to 72 thousand US dollars to tackle the problem in the Huon district, which he says will help more abused women get treatment and press charges.

Mr Zibe says he's also organising a public forum in Lae next week to discuss violence in the home.

"Many of the people are saying enough, we've just had enough of this. It's just a few idiots who are doing all these things. And it's not difficult, we can solve it, you know."

Sasa Zibe says speakers at the forum will include a woman from Chimbu who suffered third-degree burns after her husband set her alight.