4 Dec 2007

WWF says Commission isn't moving fast enough to protect declining tuna stocks

11:39 am on 4 December 2007

A global environmental organisation says the Western Pacific Fisheries Commission isn't moving fast enough to protect rapidly declining tuna stocks.

The WWF says there's been numerous meetings and talks about scientific evidence showing that certain species are being caught at unsustainable levels.

Fish like Big Eye and Yellow Fin tuna are a lucrative catch for certain markets, including Japan.

Seremaia Tuqiri, representing the Fiji chapter of the WWF, says the Commission is now in its fourth year.

And he says it's now time to implement a number of resolutions to conserve and better manage tuna resources.

"It's important that there's a lot of transparency within the commission. That countries need to talk and come to some sort of agreement. That we don't stall on introducing management measures because if we really want to maintain a sustainable fishing operation or industry in the South Pacific then we really need to make some hard decisions."

Seremaia Tuqiri.

The commission is holding its annual general forum in Guam this week.