4 Dec 2007

Alleged Fiji mercenaries allowed out of custody in Bougainville during day time

2:25 pm on 4 December 2007

Four Fiji men, accused of being mercenaries, who had allegedly been training a militia for notorious money scam operator Noah Musingku are now able to move with some freedom around Buka, the main town in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville.

The Fiji Times reports that they remain in custody in Buka at night but are being allowed to move around the town during daylight hours.

The four Aliki Monoca, Kalivati Muriatabua, Manasa Dumuloto and Jolame Gukirewa were earlier found guilty of overstaying in PNG.

They were jailed for four months on that charge.

They are also charged with one count of training an illegal army and unlawfully associating with an illegal army.

The Buka District Court has committed them to trial on this charge in the national court.