5 Dec 2007

Samoa Lands CEO rejects corruption allegations

10:44 pm on 5 December 2007

A top public servant in Samoa has rejected allegations that some of his staff who deal with land claims are corrupt.

A Commission of Inquiry has heard claims that Ministry employees have altered documents and accepted bribes, which has resulted in delays.

The chief executive of the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration, Masinalupe Tusipa, says corruption is too strong a term.

"I deny that. I think it's lack of proper procedures. And also, we're talking about things that happened, they're alleging that those things happened a few years ago. But since I became the CEO I and the management looked at ways to improve the services."

Masinalupe Tusipa says only the president of the Lands and Titles Court, or the judges themselves, can now set adjournment dates - something previously done by court officers.