6 Dec 2007

Hopes new mining joint venture in Solomon Islands brings benefits

11:17 am on 6 December 2007

The premier of Isabel province in Solomon Islands hopes a new mining joint venture will benefit all people in the area.

Landowners have recently formed the Bugotu Landowners Association, and sought Axiom Mining as their major development partner, which will have 80 percent shares.

Reuben Dotho says the province was not involved in the negotiations but he hopes the project will develop the area as a whole.

"We would like to see the benefits shared by the resource owners, the provincial government and all other stakeholders. And also we would like to see a development that does not disputes and disharmony throughout the communities."

Reuben Dotho expects the company will address any environmental and social issues that might emerge.

Mr Dotho adds he's concerned about landownership issues that are historical in the area and that prevented the establishment of mining developments in the past.