7 Dec 2007

Call for resolution to political confusion in Solomons

3:43 pm on 7 December 2007

The Solomon Islands opposition continues to claim former Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza remains firmly committed to its grouping.

Despite being sentenced to a jail term this week for demanding money with menace, intimidation and larceny, Kemakeza gets to keep his seat in parliament because the sentence is less than three months.

However, the government has also claimed Kemakeza's support, which could be pivotal in next week's planned parliamentary vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands Christian Association has called for a swift resolution to the political impasse.

SICA's Reverend Philemon Riti says they are concerned about the ongoing political confusion and how it may affect the public.

"Because we are sitting in a confusion, you know. We do not know where to go. Even though the government is holding 24 members now - and it's 24/24 in parliament, and with the clearing of Kemakeza's case yesterday - we do not know where Kemakeza will be. But our very strong appeal to the public is: keep calm."

The Reverend Philemon Riti