10 Dec 2007

Tonga's emergency regulations to remain in place for another month

4:02 pm on 10 December 2007

Continuing threats against the Government in Tonga have seen emergency regulations extended for the 14th month since the riots in Nuku'alofa in November last year.

The regulations limit access to central parts of Nuku'alofa and stop the holding of meetings of more than four people within this zone.

The Information Minister Afu'alo Matoto says groups for and against the government make threats through the letters to the editors' sections of newspapers.

He says police are not certain about the validity of the threats and the regulations are a precautionary measure.

"People threatening that if their demands are not met or their ideas are not taken into consideration, they will be inflicting some damage or whatever. And there are counter threats as well, and that makes it bad, because when you have threats like this and you don't really know whether they will eventuate or not, you just to have to take the necessary precaution."