10 Dec 2007

CNMI Governor says certainty of supply main aim in power crisis

7:12 pm on 10 December 2007

The governor's office in the Northern Marianas says with the ongoing power crisis its number one priority is to ensure certainty of supply.

The territory has regularly had to contend with power shortages, but last week the power provider, the Utlities Corporation, could not meet its fuel shipment charges and was bailed out by the Government.

The Government needed to provide two point five million US dollars.

Its spokesperson, Charles Reyes, says the Government has a number of plans to try to address the power problems.

"The governor's strategy for dealing with the power and utility crisis is threefold. First is in the long-term, privatisation. Second is he is very optimistic about the prospects of renewable energy, that's also been widely debated in the United States, including the Senate. The short-term solution is to ensure that we are able to recover costs by charging appropriately depending on the price of oil."

Charles Reyes.