11 Dec 2007

Alternative energy sources looked at in American Samoa

11:47 am on 11 December 2007

Representatives of a Texas based company whose principals are of the Jennings family are in the territory to begin discussions regarding alternative energy sources.

The company proposes turning coconut oil into diesel fuel providing a supplemental fuel supply to power ASPA' generators.

A second proposal is to use rubbish to generate electricity.

Governor Togiola Tulafono said he was happy that American Samoan's off island have answered the government's call for assistance to lessen the territory's dependence on fossil fuels.

The governor stated that fuel accounts for 70% of the cost of electricity and having an alternative fuel supply would reduced the costs of electricity substantially

Swains Representative, Alexander Jennings, says there is a family connection:


"But these two investors are two brothers, Jeffrey Chestor and Junior Chestor. They were an oil industry but they have moved over to bio-diesel and alternative energy. So, we have been talking to people for the last few months, and they are looking very closely at what can be done with the landfills here and also the coconuts, and we have also had opportunity finally to go to Samoa and just saw how many coconuts are available. But they are still exploring, but they are very committed and are not discouraged by anything.