14 Dec 2007

Strike by workers at Fiji's National Provident Fund continues

10:32 am on 14 December 2007

Workers at the Fiji National Provident Fund will continue to protest nationwide today.

Fiji Bank Employees Union general secretary Pramod Rae told Fiji live online they are awaiting a response from FNPF executives.

Mr Rae also confirmed that the board and management had a meeting last night.

About two hundred FNPF employees walked off their jobs at midday yesterday after a delay in their COLA payments, annual increments and bonuses.

But FNPF board chairman Peceli Vocea maintains that the board will stand by its decision.

Mr Vocea says management had contingency plans in place to ensure that operations are not affected.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour has declared the strike legal saying it followed proper procedures under the Trade Unions Act.