17 Dec 2007

CD launched in NZ to further education about Samoa

4:20 pm on 17 December 2007

A new CD to help teachers and students in New Zealand have a better understanding of Samoa has been launched by the Pacific Cooperation Foundation.

The CD will be distributed to intermediate students through to the first two years of secondary school.

The Foundation's programme manager, Tina McNicholas, says information includes the relationship between Samoa and New Zealand, tourism and globalisation.

Ms McNicholas says while the CD will be distributed throughout New Zealand she's also hoping it will extend to the region.

"We hope this initiative would generate enough interest amongst those from the education sector, from within the education sector here in New Zealand who may be able to support they wider the development of this kind of online teaching resource which could be extended to other parts of the Pacific in the future."

The resource was developed in partnership with the University of Auckland Faculty of Education.