17 Dec 2007

Kiribati AG says no need for outside assistance for audits

4:20 pm on 17 December 2007

Kiribati's auditor general says his office is doing its job well and doesn't need outside assistance.

The Tong administration has rejected a motion calling on it to seek assistance from Australia and New Zealand over the long standing un-audited accounts of the government, government-owned companies and corporations.

Raimon Taake says the motion asked for technical assistance for these government agencies to be able to update their accounts.

He says the Auditor General's office is an independent body, and the motion does not reflect on the work of his office.

"We are doing our jobs as auditors. But I think that some companies may be requiring some assistance. But regarding that, that's why I was saying, not the auditing. But maybe to try to do the accounts - but not the auditing. We are allright."

Kiribati Auditor General, Raimon Taake