19 Dec 2007

Taiwan positive Marshall Islands won't switch its loyalty to China

11:29 am on 19 December 2007

Taiwan says it is positive the Marshall Islands won't switch its loyalty to China despite claims to the contrary.

In this year's general election none of the two major political parties received a clear majority and both sides are trying to put together a parliamentary majority.

The opposition announced it would change recognition to China if it succeeds forming a new government next month.

The Taiwanese ambassador in Majuro, Bruce Ling-hu, says, although he's concerned, he trusts that the Marshall Islands won't swap sides.

"The relationship between Taiwan and the Republic of Marshall Islands has been very close. The relationship is based on mutual respect. The Communist Chinese State has never given up trying to sabotage or damage our relations with our allies. We have faith in our friends of both parties in the Republic of Marshall Islands."

Bruce Ling-hu.

Taiwan gives 14 million US dollars in aid annually to the Marshall Islands.