19 Dec 2007

American Samoan retailers mark poor year

2:30 pm on 19 December 2007

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce says it's been a tough year for retailers, particularly in the areas of transportation and food.

Higher fuel costs and rising food prices are said to be the main causes for the problems.

The chamber's president, David Robinson, says almost all businesses have been affected, but there are two sectors that have felt the pinch in particular.

"It certainly hasn't been a very easy year for a lot of the retailers. Prices have continued to increase of course. The main two groups are the food group, which had a four percent increase over the last quarter. The other group is called the transportation group and that's the price of gasoline, the price of motor vehicles and motorvehicle parts."

David Robinson says the main reason for the fall are higher fuel costs charged by shipping companies importing these goods into the territory.