19 Dec 2007

Opposition group in Nauru ready for Parliamentary sitting

11:51 am on 19 December 2007


The breakaway opposition group in Nauru says it's ready for today's parliamentary sitting.

The group will table a motion of no confidence today against the government of Ludwig Scotty over escalating concerns involving his Finance Minister and deputy, David Adeang.

But, the group's leader, Dr Kieren Keke, says suggestions by the President yesterday to dissolve parliament and call for a fresh general election, if the issue is not resolved is a worry.

Dr Keke says this would indicate to that the President doesn't have a clear mandate to govern, and frankly, it's a cop out.

Dr Keke says members can decide today whether they want to continue the programme of government reform, which has been widely accepted by all Nauruans, or whether they want to return to the bad practices of the past.