19 Dec 2007

Call to end cronyism as Solomons to elect new PM

4:21 pm on 19 December 2007

The incoming Solomon Islands Government is being called on to end political cronyism.

MPs meet to choose the Solomons' fourth Prime Minister in less than 20 months tomorrow.

The watchdog group, Transparency Solomon Islands, says it has no position on whether Dr Derek Sikua or the caretaker Foreign Minister Patteson Oti should get the job.

But its chairman Bob Pollard says they will be calling on whoever takes power to reduce corruption and lead an honest Government.

He says this includes ending the cronyism that has seen a ballooning in the appointment of so called political advisors to the Prime Minister's office.

"The large amount of money spent on these advisors has led to no useful product for the country in terms of services. In actual fact they have probably been a hindrance. So we will be calling on the new Prime Minister -whoever is elected - to look seriously and do away with the large amount of money being wasted on political advisors."

Bob Pollard