21 Dec 2007

Extra flights in the air for xmas between the two Samoa's

11:20 am on 21 December 2007

Three airlines serving the inter Samoa route have added several extra flights to accommodate the heavy Christmas traffic to Samoa, and will monitor the situation to see if more are needed.

Airline officials say Inter Island Airlines, Polynesian Airlines and South Pacific Express (SPEX) have each added between two to three flights a day from Pago Pago to Samoa.

They say the flights this week leading up to Christmas have been sold out for some time, and the extra flights were sold out immediately.

And despite the extra flights hundreds of Samoan workers at American Samoa's cannery may be stranded with the only inter island ferry the Lady Naomi booked for a charter to Tokelau and unavailable to make a second trip back to Pago Pago.