20 Dec 2007

New road opens Palau up to economic opportunities

3:03 pm on 20 December 2007

An 85-kilometre road has just been completed on Palau's largest island, Babeldaob.

For years, visitors travelled by boat but will now be able to travel between Palau's International Airport, the new Capitol as well as ten states by car.

The Compact Road was designed and built under the supervision of the US Army Corps Engineer.

The US deputy assistant secretary to the Interior, David Cohen, was instrumental in administering the 159 million US dollars in grants for the road.

He says the road will lead to economic development and attract more tourists to the island.

"For the first time, that big beautiful island is open for economic development. Palau is going to be given an opportunity to develop a very valuable economic resource, the beautiful island of Babeldaob, but balanced in a way that preserves the natural beauty of Babeldaob and Palau. I think it's a very important milestone in the economic development of Palau."

David Cohen of the US Department of the Interior.