21 Dec 2007

New Nauru Government commits to good governance and transparency

6:24 pm on 21 December 2007

The new Government in Nauru is vowing to get the country back on track to pursue good governance.

The Ludwig Scotty administration was toppled on Wednesday following a walkout a month ago by several Cabinet Ministers in protest at the actions of former Foreign and Finance Minister, David Adeang.

The new Foreign Minister Dr Kieren Keke says they had concerns at a lack of financial transparency and relationships that Mr Adeang had developed outside of Nauru that deemed not to be in the country's interests.

Dr Keke says they had all been elected under a reformist banner promising good governance but the Scotty government, in recent times, had lost sight of this.

"We could see from working on the inside in government that, particularly Mr Adeang had lost that track. So our committment is really to getting governance back on track. And there's a lot of lip service given to good governance by Mr Adeang under the Scotty Presidency, but we feel and we know that it wasn't being fully implemented. Things were not accountable."