27 Dec 2007

Minister for Infrastructure Development in Solomon Islands calls for cars to be returned

11:49 am on 27 December 2007

The Minister for Infrastructure Development in Solomon Islands, Stanley Sofu is calling on MPs in the former government and their political appointees to return government vehicles that were allocated to them.

Speaking to SIBC News, Mr Sofu says the former government had already exhausted funds for buying vehicles and the new government will need to use vehicles that were used by the former government.

Mr Sofu says the new government is in no financial position to buy new vehicles for new ministers.

He has also called on former ministers who have replaced government plated vehicles with private numbered plates to return the vehicles.

He says under the Parliamentary Entitlements Regulation, former ministers can buy the vehicles they have been using, but they must attain approval.

Mr Sofu says in this case, there was no approval given for the purchase of any vehicle.

He says as soon as the new government came into office, the office of the Prime Minister had issued a letter to all ministers and ministries concerned that no vehicles are to be sold.