31 Dec 2007

Christchurch recipient of NY honour notices change in Pacific attitude towards health

7:25 am on 31 December 2007

Guinevere Eti Eves Newport has been awarded an Order of Merit for services to the Pacific Islands community.

Mrs Newport has been a Pacific Island health promoter in Christchurch since 1986, being one of the first to work in this field in New Zealand.

She has worked in the Pacific community in New Zealand for 40 years.

Mrs Newport says she has noticed a change in the attitude for some Pacific people.

"Our people are different, they are far different from when they come to New Zealand to try and settle in. They realise that it's not the same as back in the Islands, back in the Islands you can take your own time, do your own thing and those are the kinds of education programmes that I am running. Now they realise how important it is for them to be responsible for their own health."