31 Dec 2007

Fiji's former opposition leader hoping for better year ahead

11:10 am on 31 December 2007

Fiji's former opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, is optimistic the year ahead may be a better one for his country.

He told the Fiji Times, that looking back 2007 was not a good one for the economy or the nation as a whole.

He cites the alleged involvement of the security forces in the deaths of three innocent men, allegations against certain citizens remaining unproven, and countless stories of intimidation and abuse against innocent citizens as examples.

But Mr Beddoes is looking forward to a better year ahead and says doing more for the poor and disadvantaged will be among his priorities.

He said what was needed now was to put aside politic rhetoric and posturing in order to nut out an acceptable way forward.

Mr Beddoes called on leaders to remain open and to be willing to engage.