7 Jan 2008

Fiji hospital said to be desperately short of doctors

11:44 am on 7 January 2008

The Ba Mission Hospital in Fiji is said to be in desperate need of four doctors.

The acting sub-divisional medical officer, Doctor Bayani Dragon, says the hospital, which should have eight doctors, has only four medical officers to cater for close to 85,000 people in the district.

Two of the four doctors have been shifted from local health centres to make up for the lack of staff.

The Fiji Times says the Ba Mission Hospital has been under-staffed for three weeks.

Dr Dragon said doctors were overloaded with work and beginning to feel the strain.

About 120 patients visit the outpatients department at Ba Mission Hospital each day.

The hospital has in-patient, accident and emergency and specialist clinic services.

The Balevuto and Nailaga health centres are being operated by nurses, with emergency cases or consultations being referred to the Mission Hospital.

The extreme shortage experienced at the hospital was the result of two doctors going on leave and another resigning.