8 Jan 2008

Samoa to start importing right hand drive vehicles

1:42 pm on 8 January 2008

Samoa's Transport Control Board has approved an amendment regulation in order for the public to start importing right hand drive vehicles.

The cars can be brought in from next month, especially from destinations such as New Zealand and Australia.

The board secretary, Tusa Misi Tupuola, says the amendment has already been forwarded to the cabinet for approval before the Head of State endorses it.

Tusa says this will allow many people, including the business community to own right hand drive vehicles, before switching from the right to the left side of the road in July 2009.

The controversial change has already sparked anger which resulted in a huge protest last month.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister, Misa Telefoni, is quoted in the Samoa Observer newspaper as saying the majority of people want to switch to driving on the left side of the road.

It is the first time the deputy prime minister, who is also minister of Commerce, Industry and Labour, has spoken publicly about the issue